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White-fronted Parrot

Scientific Name: Amazona albifrons

Species Authority: (Sparrman, 1788)

Common Names :
White-fronted Amazon
White-fronted Parrot

Native to:   Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragu, Puerto Rico

In California: One of the smallest of the Amazons, this little guy has no clue how small he really is. Often seen among the 'bigger and bolder' he holds his own. As elusive as the Yellow-head and Blue-front, these little guys are hard to spot and equally difficult to photograph.

Horizontal Rule
NOTE: Among the amazona flocks, hybrids of all species can be found. Some of our photographs may contain hybrids -- these birds are included in the species gallery they most closely resemble. Those who evenly resemble two or more species or cannot be specifically identified will be found in the "Others" Gallery.

Did you know?

Before breeding age, a young parrot will assist a nesting pair in protecting the territory around their nest site. This young parrot is learning what it's all about.






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