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Wild World

Imagine standing on the corner of a city street in the middle of a densely populated metropolitan area. Suddenly, in the distance, a faint roar can be heard. It's a puzzling sound, a sound you may have never heard before, a sound you cannot place -- and yet it is a sound you will never forget. As the roar continues to grow you struggle to find its origin. Ever increasing in volume, your eyes are drawn to a large number of birds quickly approaching. They are no ordinary birds, but a flock of wild parrots who call Southern California their home.

Some are endangered species, some can be found in large numbers, others numbering only a few and still others are one of a kind among their flock, yet they all have a common purpose -- their survival. In their native ranges, some of these species would never cross each others paths, but in California they have become dedicated companions, bonded friends and flock mates. 

In this rare pictorial view, takes you inside a traveling flock of wild parrots. With non-stop action and unbelievable surprises whirling all around you -- it's a wonderfully wild world!!

Did you know?

Young parrots spend a great deal of time learning the proper calls of their flock. Little ones learning how to vocalize can be heard practicing and practicing until they get it right.






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