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Yellow-headed Parrot

Scientific Name: Amazona oratrix

Species Authority: (Ridgway, 1887)

Common Names :
Yellow-headed Amazon
Double Yellow-headed Amazon

Yellow-headed Parrot

Native to:   Belize, Guatemala, Mexico

Status: Endangered Species -- IUCN Red List

Designated an Endangered Species in 1994, the Yellow-headed Parrot has continued to decline in it's native range. With an estimated remaining population of less than 7,000 in 1994, numbers are expected to continue to decline. Read more about the plight of the Yellow-headed Parrot as evaluated by BirdLife International.

In California: Only occasionally seen among the bigger flocks, these larger of the Amazons prefer to stay in mated or mixed-mated pairs. Remaining high in the trees, a glimpse of one of these brightly yellowed beauties is a real treat and not an often occurance.

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NOTE: Among the amazona flocks, hybrids of all species can be found. Some of our photographs may contain hybrids -- these birds are included in the species gallery they most closely resemble. Those who evenly resemble two or more species or cannot be specifically identified will be found in the "Others" Gallery.

Did you know?

Some wild parrots become bilingual and will use another species' calls when addressing that species.

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