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  Yellow-head / Blue-front Hybrid  
  Red-crowned / Lilac-crowned Hybrid  

It is important to note that in the midst of all generalized descriptions of each parrot species, variations occur. This should always be considered when trying to determine if a wild parrot is a hybrid or a species variation.

One of the most common hybrids among California's wild Amazona flocks are the Red-crowned / Lilac-crowned hybrids. These two species are closely related but with distinctive characteristics.

If you haven't yet visited our Red-crowned and Lilac-crowned Photo Galleries to view these characteristics, you can do so here.

The hybrid shown above exhibits characteristics of both species in that the red on his crown and the blue trailing behind the eye are clearly Red-crowned colors. The dark eye-ring and dark cere are indicative of the Lilac-crowned.

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